Beautiful COOL August weather

enjoy this unseasonable cool August with a bottle of our award winning, small batch, hand crafted wine tonight. made from only Oklahoma grown grapes. stop in for a free tasting to decide which one you like the best. or just buy one of each. (wink, wink). open today 1-7

where to find us in Ponca City

if you cant make the drive out to Shider, and we really wish you would cause we love to visit, stop in OLD WEST LIQUOR on N 14th or OSCAR AND ESSIE'S, on Union and pick up a bottle of our award winning wine. they have descriptions of all our wines, they are very friendly and helpful, and they have us priced very reasonable. we are open today 1-7

Harvest continues

we are in a lull period for harvest. only one variety still on the vines. may be a couple weeks before they are ripe to pick. but, we are still busy processing the grapes into juice and in the early wine development stages. stop by and see us and sample some of our award winning wines.


sorry it has been a couple weeks since my last blog. but we are in the middle of harvest. that means picking and processing grapes. and for yours truly, i get to stay up all night keeping critters out of the grapes. Mother Nature tells you when they are ready to pick. About 10 days ago we picked 500 pounds of Cayuga. in a year and a half, that will be our award winning dry Desert Wind. a white wine with a hint of peach. (from our peach trees) Today, we picked 450 pounds of Cynthianna. in a couple years that will be our dry red wine called Prairie Sunrise. we have 2 more varieties to go. tomorrow we pick our chambourcin. we will make our award winning WhizBang and our Award winning P

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